SIMPLIFY the collection of re -use containers


The collector allows you to easily integrate re -use in your operational operation.

The re -use of containers is experiencing a power, favored by an increasingly strong environmental awareness and growing political support.

Beyond the reduction of waste, the re-use generates an economy of resources and promotes the circular economy.


All included service and plug & play installation




Your customers deposit their re -employment containers in the collector, thanks to an easy to use interface. They are directly reimbursed on the terminal, on their loyalty card, in voucher or in cash back.


The collector is capable of identifying any type of re -use container (bottles, trays, jars, metal boxes) put on the shelves by manufacturers and re -use operators. It allows you to centralize collection on a single point, in order to facilitate the adoption of re -use by consumers.

Container management

In order to ensure effective management, precise monitoring of the containers collected is made to guarantee a safe return to sorting, cleaning and filling sites, thus contributing to an effective reuse loop.

Do you want to participate actively in the revolution of re -use and the circular economy?