The Ticket Station

Physical ticketing 2.0


Physical ticketing, 100% automated and located in busy places: the Ticket Station aims to communicate about upcoming matches and to generate direct and impulsive purchases from a new clientele who do not have the habit of buying tickets.

On average, 87% of ticket sales made on our machines are incremental!

The Ticket Station has important advantages:

  • Strengthening the visibility of the club in the city and places of passage where communication is expensive
  • Collecting data on a new type of fan to be able to personalize offers and communications and bring them back to the stadium
  • Fun interactions with the public

Our team takes care of EVERYTHING to ensure you receive quality service and always functional service:

  • Provision of Ticket Stations
  • Maintenance / servicing
  • Tel on call 24/7
  • Ticket sales for each home match
  • Configuration of communication interfaces during periods without sales (events, competitions, etc.)


10 years of experience and
more than 150 clients
shopping centers


All inclusive: design + printing + installation


All included service and plug & play installation


in club colors

Toulouse Football Club

Karim HOUARI - Director of Operations

“The implementation of “Ticket Stations” allowed us to generate incremental turnover while strengthening our visibility in high-traffic areas. The interface is fun, purchasing tickets is easy and quick and the “Ticket Stations” have allowed us to enrich our customer databases. »

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