The Keeper Modular

The XXL modular solution

The Keeper Modular is designed for facilities with a low turn-over and important storage needs.

Our fully modular solution set up in a row perfectly blends in underground or semi-outside environment.

The service is free of charge for the user who drops off his helmet.

3 different lock modes are possible according to your needs:

  • pin code entered by the user
  • barcode or QR scan (event ticket, e-ticket)
  • NFC/RFID cards

To install five Modular Keepers in your facility, we need:

  • A 5m x 72cm empty space
  • A standard power link for the entire installation.

And that's all, we take care of the rest!

Customer stories

Noray Thibault:


"We have The Keepers solutions to allow our clients to shop freely without being bothered. The service is well appreciated because its ease of use. The number of droped off helmets is increasing month after month. It is ideal to improve our customer's experience."

Lynda Zerbib:

Paris Airports - Parks management and access CDG:

"Seduced by the original and innovative concept at first, I was quickly convinced with its reliability, and most importantly, its attractiveness to motorcycles users with the test we did in the parkings of Paris-Charles de Gaulle"

Jean-Philippe Pelou:

Director of Les 4 Temps shopping center:

«Personnaly I find this service very important. With the Keeper, the bikers who drop off their helmets in the lockers stay longer in Les 4 Temps shopping center»

Lily Fisher:

Deputy Director - Zenith de Paris

"The Keepers service allows le Zenith de Paris - La Villette to solve many security problems, and offers a service to our 800 000 annuel spectators.. Its design, simple and ergonomic, allow this service to be independent, which means for us less staff but also more fluidity (no queue to retrieve the helmets). »